Nestos Shipwreck

The minesweeper Nestos is sunk in an upright position at a depth of 24 to 48 meters with its bow section being at the deepest point. It is located in a fine sediment sea bottom with a relatively great gradient.

It is a beautiful shipwreck with many accessible parts you could enter into, while its relatively short length allows many tours along its length and width.

During the visit on the ship and starting from the bow section, the diver will encounter the holds, the winches with the wire ropes, the bridge, the big steam boiler and finally its steering wheel.

The shipwreck is an artificial reef rich in life, from schools of small fishes up to very large ones, such as congers, greater amberjacks and dusky groupers. During the night dives in Nestos often we can come face to face with big dentexes.


At today’s place of Psathopyrgos close to Patras, lies the shipwreck of the Minesweeper Nestos that was sunk by the German air force on 23 April 1941.

Nestos was one of four minesweepers that were purchased by the government of Ioannis Metaxas in 1938 (the other three were Strymon,  Aksios, Aliakmon), all four above ships were modified fishing vessels.

Nestos was built at the Selby Shipyard in November 1925 on behalf of the company Pickering & Haldane and with original name Lord Bradbury. It had a total length of 134.8 feet, width of 23.9 and a depth of 14 feet. Its maximum speed was 9 knots, and after its modification it was equipped with a 37 mm machine gun, a second smaller machine gun and the ability to carry as many as 40 naval mines.


Μερικά στοιχεία για το μέρος κατάδυσης


Το Νέστος βρίσκεται στον Ψαθόπυργο Αχαΐας


Το βάθος στην περιοχή ξεκινά απο 24 μέτρα και φτάνει τα 48 μέτρα.

Χρόνος Ταξιδιού

Το σημέιο ειναι 20 λεπτά με αυτοκίνητο από την Πάτρα

Κατάλληλο επίπεδο

Το επίπεδο του δύτη για ασφαλή κατάδυση κρίνεται το ADV και άνω.