Shipwreck Mars

It is one of the most beautiful shipwrecks in the Gulf of Patras. It is the Dutch cargo ship Mars with 90 meters length and displacement of 1582 gross registered tonnage, which carried oil barrels.

The ship is in a seated upright position, giving the diver the opportunity to make a tour along it. Its main features include the cannon located at the stern, its anchors, the bridge, and a veil of trawler nets covering a big part of the deck. The diver could, very often, come upon schools of greater amberjacks.


On May, 29 1945 the “Mars” hit a mine. Besides it was sailing within the borders of the old minefield of Araxos; a minefield of immense significance for the defense of Greece.

Within a few minutes, it burst into flames. The sailors terrified knowing how dangerous the ship’s cargo was, fell into the sea. In the nearby fishing village of Alyki, the fishermen who had just returned from the day’s fishing, jumped into their fishing boats and rushed to help them. They managed to collect enough castaways; many of whom had burns. Five of them were never found. The ship continued flaring all night long until it finally sank at dawn of May, 30th.


Μερικά στοιχεία για το μέρος κατάδυσης


Το ναυάγιο Mars βρίσκεται στο Ακρωτήριο Πάππα


Το βάθος στην περιοχή ξεκινά απο 37 μέτρα και φτάνει τα 50 μέτρα.

Χρόνος Ταξιδιού

Το σημείο ειναι 1 ώρα και 30 λεπτά με αυτοκίνητο από την Πάτρα

Κατάλληλο επίπεδο

Το επίπεδο του δύτη για ασφαλή κατάδυση κρίνεται το ADV και άνω.