Miflex Inflation Hose Yellow


Inflation hose Miflex Yellow


The Xtreme high performance range of hoses, specially optimized for diving requirements, was developed in collaboration with professional divers for superior performance at depth.

A team of Miflex2 engineers analyzed the weak points of classic medium pressure hoses.

The result of their research is the Xtreme high performance series.

Xtreme hoses are characterized by a nylon fabric that provides tremendous protection against abrasion.

The patent-pending double fabric also resists UV radiation, further increasing the life of the hoses.

Unlike conventional hoses, the Xtreme fabric is not simply pushed over the ends of the hose but woven around the inner hose.

woven around the inner hose and pressed with stainless steel sleeves.

The result:

Superior performance and durability in external situations.

Even when you tie a tight knot in the hose, continuous air delivery performance is maintained!

The Xtreme hoses are manufactured on automatic production and test lines exclusively by Miflex! Every single hose is then subjected to more than 30 different safety and quality tests.

Any hose that does not meet Miflex’s exact specifications is immediately withdrawn from circulation and destroyed

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