OMS Comfort Harness III Signature Deep Ocean Black 45lb Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel Comfort Harness III Signature with Black Deep Ocean Wing 45 lb (~20 kg)



The OMS Comfort Harness III Signature System offers you a complete package for diving in total control and comfort.

The Comfort Harness III allows quick and easy adjustment to your size, simply adjust the shoulder straps to the length you need.

It holds the weight pockets in a fixed position at your sides and does not require readjustment. This system also includes a canister strap with a buckle on the diver’s right side and a D-ring on the left side of the diver for dives with double tanks.

The OMS Backplate is manufactured using a forged process and then polished so you no longer have to worry about sharp edges or wear on webbing, wings or anything else.

The system includes the OMS Backpad, which is molded with extremely comfortable yet durable materials. The back has a velcro pocket,which allows the insertion of a backplate for double bottles as additional weight or accommodation of SMB’s or other.

. There is one version of the backplate stainless steel.

The OMS Comfort Harness III Signature System also includes two OMS Bottle Tension Straps with plastic handles to securely attach your single tank.

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Weight 6 kg