LEVEL: Rescue Diver (Level 4) PADI – ANDI.

AGE: 12 years old or older.

PREREQUISITES: The diver must hold the AdvancedOpenWaterDiver certificate of any recognised organisation.

Must be certified in First Aid.

They must have completed 20 dives in their logbook.

For a person younger than 18 years old, a guardian’s approval is required.

PRACTICAL EXERCISES: Include 6 dives. In these, the diver trains in safe rescue and self-rescue techniques both in and out of the water.

THEORY: 10 hours of theoretical training.

EQUIPMENT: All of it is provided by the diving center.

CERTIFICATION: A certification card is provided. A diploma is provided, optionally.

ABILITIES: Upon the completion of the course, the diver is qualified to help a diver who needs it during a dive, following safe procedures.

Maximum dive depth is 25m.

A certified diver of this level can participate in the following courses:

Dive Master (PADI-ANDI).

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