LEVEL: Extended Range Diver / ANDI – L4

AGE: 18 years and older.

PREREQUISITES: The diver must hold the Technical Diver certificate of any recognised organisation and also have completed at least 100 dives.

PRACTICAL EXERCISES: Include 4 dives. The maximum depth of the dive is 50m. In each dive the diver-student uses the appropriate mixtures and the necessary number of diving cylinders based on the dive plan.

THEORY: 6-8 hours of theoretical lectures. It includes lectures of:

  • Decompression theory.
  • Deep diving physiology.
  • Deep dive planning with actual decompression stops
  • Technical Deep Diving equipment configuration

The theory lectures are covered by PowerPoint presentations.

EQUIPMENT: If the divers-students do not have their own equipment, there is the option of renting it by the Diving Center.

CERTIFICATION: Digital certification. A certification card and a diploma are provided, optionally.

ABILITIES: Upon completion of the course, the diver is qualified to perform dives up to 50m with decompression stops.