LEVEL: Tri-Mix Diver

AGE: 16 years or older.

PREREQUISITES: The diver must hold the Extended Range Diver certificate of ANDI or an equivalent certificate of a recognised organisation.

It is required to have completed 200 dives, 20 of which must have taken place at a depth of 30m or deeper.

For a person younger than 18 years old, a guardian’s approval is required.


  • 5-7 hours of theoretical lectures.
  • At least 4 dives with a total bottom time of 240 minutes including decompression stops.
  • Use of mixtures that contain Helium (He).
  • Maximum dive depth is 80m.
  • Written exams.

EQUIPMENT: Part of it is provided by the diving center while the rest belongs to the student-diver.

CERTIFICATION: A diploma and a certification card is provided.

ABILITIES: Upon the completion of the course, the diver is qualified to conduct safely deep dives with Tri-Mix mixtures which also require decompression stops with Nitrox mixtures.