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years old




maximum depth

Nitrox II (Complete Safe Air User ANDI)

AGE: From 16 years and older.
PREREQUISITES: The diver must hold an Open Water Diver certificate from any recognized organization.
For those under 18, a guardian's permission is required.
PRACTICES: They include 2 dives. Maximum depth of the program is 40m. In each dive the student uses 2 bottles with 2 different breathable mixtures.
THEORY: 10 – 12 hours of theoretical training. They include sections on Physics, Physiology, Medicine, Dive Planning with EANx Mixtures, Equipment Suitable for Use with O2, and EANx Dive Charts. Theory is taught through Power Point.
EQUIPMENT: All provided by the school.
CERTIFICATION: Pocket diploma provided. Optionally a wall diploma is given.
CAPABILITIES: After completing the school, the diver has the possibility to dive using 2 EANx mixtures at depths that can reach up to 40m, depending on his training level.

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The diver with the specific certification can participate in the school

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