The customer is obliged to accept or not the following terms. Before accepting, he can
contact for any clarification. The terms can be changed or modified at any
time, so the customer must be informed of the terms in detail before each order.

All information and specifications presented by this website are the official information and
specifications given by the manufacturers. The information and specifications found in the
Greek version of the e-shop are exact translations of the official information and
specifications of the product in question. is not responsible for errors,
omissions, colour or design differences. It also has no control over and is not legally
responsible for the specifications of the items sold. The customer has the opportunity before
ordering to ask for additional clarifications about the product in question. Product details
and prices may change without notice, but never after the order of the individual customer.

Card details are protected by an encrypted security system. The personal data and details of
each customer will be used exclusively for the use of The above data will not
be disclosed to third parties, only what is necessary for the outcome of the order at all
stages and only with those directly involved, such as bank or courier company. In any case,
the provisions of Law 2472/97 and the new general regulation of the European Union for the
protection of personal data (GDPR – EE 2016/679) are respected.

In case of cancellation of an order that has been placed by credit or debit card, the money
may be delayed due to interbank procedures. has no responsibility for the
delay and has no legal or any other liability.

The products travel on behalf of and at the risk of the buyer. makes every
effort to ensure that each order reaches the customer on time. Due to adverse conditions or
events affecting the courier company, does not accept any responsibility.
Most products are available directly from our suppliers, otherwise is not
responsible. In case of delay the customer will be informed immediately by

For orders received from the store, the products are bound for 3 working days from the time
of the order and for 30 days if a deposit has been paid.

In case of cancellation of the order please contact directly. The order is sent
immediately, so the cancellation must be made within a reasonable time. Cancellation is
allowed up to the stage before the delivery of the goods to the courier company.

In case of cancellation (through the fault of the customer) of a special order, the deposit is
not refundable.

In cases of defective product or incorrect order, the customer must contact
directly. The product will be returned (within 15 days) only upon request and always in its
original packaging and unused. The guarantee is provided according to the terms of the
suppliers or representatives in Greece. In case of dispute with these terms,
does not bear any responsibility. The choice of sizes is the sole responsibility of the
customer, bears no responsibility. It is possible that sizes may vary per
manufacturer, the customer may request additional information on size selection before
ordering. In case of incorrect selection, shipping costs are borne by the customer.

The customer may withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days. For this reason, he
must inform our company immediately and then return the products by the means of his
choice and at his own expense.

The product must be unused and in its intact packaging, otherwise our company has the
right to reduce the value of the goods which occurred after the use made by the customer /
user (water test, any deterioration or damage, torn packaging, etc.).

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For the resolution of disputes, the courts of Patras are competent.

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